Benefits Of Using Dissolved Oxygen In Your Grow Facility

Growers who understand the importance of high levels of dissolved oxygen in their irrigation systems produce higher quality products and see increased crop yields.

Simply put, dissolved oxygen is the amount of oxygen that is dissolved in water. Just like humans and animals, your plants require an optimal amount of oxygen not only to survive but to thrive. Because oxygen is a gas and water is a liquid, the mixture of the two elements needs to be done efficiently to ensure the oxygen is dissolved properly.

Roots receive the essential elements your plants require to grow and thrive: water, oxygen, and nutrients. When crops do not receive a proper amount of dissolved oxygen, the root system weakens and compromises their ability to absorb nutrients. This put your crops at risk for disease.

Studies have proven that elevating the dissolved oxygen levels in water result in increased root growth. Plants with bigger roots grow faster and healthier, due to increased nutrient consumption and distribution. Increasing the oxygen saturation levels maximizes your crop’s ability to utilize essential nutrients and defend itself from diseases and pests. Dissolved Oxygen also helps algae and inhibits the formation of biofilm in your delivery piping and nutrient delivery equipment.

The Total Grow Control Dissolved Oxygen System

• The TGC Dissolved Oxygen System offers a way to economically boost dissolved oxygen levels in your irrigation system and enhance plant health and production.
• The TGC Dissolved Oxygen System is a fully automated, fully scalable, for the smaller grows up to the very large growing facilities.
• With the TGC Dissolved Oxygen System, an Oxygen Generator is incorporated into the skid capable of supplying 93% O2 to our system, removing the necessity of storing and changing oxygen tanks.
• Our goal is to enhance your irrigation systems and maximize plant growth using cutting-edge technologies, all with efficiency in mind. Our products are proven to increase yields, improve plant vigor, and increase resistance to diseases and pests.
• The TGC Dissolved Oxygen System also utilizes a robust, easy to calibrate, Dissolved Oxygen Optical Sensor. These sensors are much more rugged than the Galvanic sensors that some of our competitors use. The Optical Sensors require minimal maintenance and are very accurate.
• The Dissolved O2 level is controlled with user defined saturation levels as simple as changing the target saturation level using our easy to use custom touchscreen. The touchscreen displays Real Time Saturation levels and is displayed in both PPM and % saturation, as well as the temperature. The TGC Dissolved Oxygen System is capable of achieving up to 50 mL/saturation level.

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