the autonomous ag-tech solution 

Meet our custom container units.
the compact cultivation solution, with big results.

Our Custom Container Units offer a solution for growers with limited indoor cultivation space. Designed and built by our team of panel experts in Alvin, TX, these units provide a way to increase yields, and improve plant quality without taking up extra space.

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as seen on discovery channels "growing belushi"

our latest container unit installation helped Jim Belushi, and his team at Belushi Farms meet higher demand for their products while maintaining consistent plant quality. The custom container, designed specifically for the farms brand, features a backlit LED panel that alerts users of any changes in environmental conditions within the grow. These alerts are not only visible on the container's LED panel, but they are also sent as notifications via our complete control os system on their device. Our team of panel experts in Alvin, TX worked diligently to design and build this unit, offering a solution for Jim with limited indoor cultivation space to meet higher demands. 

container units

Inventory Management

Tracks consumables, and helps create a more sustainable future.

C02 Temperature Controls

On/Off Dimming Spectrum Controls with remote acces

24/7 Tech-Support

Management for 9 phase recipe cycles and precision feeding

Remote Control Accessibility

Grow from anywhere in the world with our state of the art systems.

Cloud Data of All Values

logging of all plant health data to optimize growing patterns.

Lighting Control

On/Off Dimming Spectrum Controls with remote acces

Recipe Control

Management for 9 phase recipe cycles and precision feeding

sensor control

Water Sensing for pH, EC + Oxygen and remote access

The autonomous ag-tech solution

The Eden Series: automated Nutrient Delivery Systems

The Future of farming is here. Custom built to meet your operations exact specifications. Click here to explore the series.

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