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The Eden Direct Inject platform is a powerful inline (tankless) feeding system for the most demanding fertigation applications. The Direct Injection system is designed for ease of use, and functionality. Offering complete control for any size grow, Eden’s Direct Inject system doesn’t require complicated programming – use the intuitive touchscreen interface to begin controlling nutrient and water delivery, capturing environmental data, and controlling all aspects of your cultivation facility.  All flow-rates and nutrient injection can be designed for your facilities needs. 

eden direct inject specs

Most frequent questions and answers

eden direct inject can operate an unlimited number of rooms. 

Eden direct inject can control an unlimited number of nutrient zones.

Eden direct inject is tankless, mkaing it the smallest of it’s kind. It can be mounted on any wall-type within your cultivation facility. 

Eden direct inject is controlled by the on-site PLC touchscreen, and our complete control OS system. You are able to remotely access your eden system from wifi, or cellular data at anytime via your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.  

Eden Direct Inject is skid mounted, and operates at 220-240v. 

The eden direct inject correction loop is able to verify important ph, and nutrient levels as it operates. This ensures better quality, and higher yields. 

the eden nutrient delivery series

autonomous ag-tech solutions, for any size cultivation.

The perfect pair for your plants does exist

remote access to your farm, from anywhere in the world.

our complete control os system is the perfect pair with our eden nutrient delivery series. The operating system is fully customizable, and gives cultivators a solution to remotely access their farm 24/7 365. Let us do the hard work, you have enough to worry about.  

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